Pantheon has today published a study that examined the risk-return impact of including private equity in a portfolio of public equities.

The approach taken by the study’s author Dr. Ian Roberts, a member of Pantheon’s Research Team, found that private equity assets appeared to behave similarly to publicly-listed equities over the long run, but with potential significant alpha and diversification benefits, based on a historical dataset1.  Our analysis concluded that private equity assets may enhance an investor’s risk-return profile when added to a diversified portfolio of publicly-listed equities.

Understanding the risk-return impact of private equity to a diversified equity portfolio is crucial to the investment strategy of multi-asset class fund managers.

The conclusion from this work is that, based on the historical data, private equity would have enhanced the risk-adjusted performance of a portfolio of U.S. equities during the sample period of 1992 to 2014:

•           We estimated a beta of 1.05 between private equity and public equities. This suggests that on average the potential transaction value of private equity investments moved in- 
            step with public market returns.

•           Based upon our historical dataset, private equity added value to a portfolio of public equities via an annualized alpha of 3.16%.

•           The correlation between private equity and public equities was 70% (based upon our dataset), and so private equity provided diversification benefits when included in a 

•           Our analysis therefore indicated that adding private equity to a portfolio of randomly selected public equities may raise risk-adjusted returns. 

•           The results from our study suggested that the optimal portfolio of risky assets included a 23.6% commitment to private equity. This figure is adjusted to reflect that private 
            equity is less liquid than public equities.

•           Our analysis suggests that for investors with no liquidity constraints, the optimal allocation to private equity would have been 38%.

 Please see the study, “Should an Investor’s Portfolio Contain Private Equity?” for the full methodology we applied and disclosure notices.



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