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Pantheon works with clients to develop diversified programs that seek to invest in top-performing private market opportunities globally, with a focus on the mid-market. We have substantial experience of investing in private markets through multiple economic cycles. Members of our International Investment Committee have worked together for an average of 12 years, providing consistent and stable leadership to our investment function.

Institutional clients can choose to invest through our long-established fund-of-funds programs or specify a customized portfolio. Both can provide access to primary, secondary and co-investment strategies offered by top-performing managers in the private equity, infrastructure and real assets markets.

We offer comprehensive investment solutions from portfolio construction and origination through to post-investment monitoring. Our programs are tailored around insightful due diligence built-up through multiple years of analyzing and developing deep relationships with our extensive global network of private equity managers.

Source & Screen
Preliminary Diligence
Detailed Diligence

Pantheon’s investment team is surrounded by experienced professionals covering client service, operations, legal, finance and risk to ensure a consistent and high quality level of support is provided to all our clients. Maintaining a large, qualified in-house team means we can manage our diversified private market investments efficiently.

Customized Solutions

Pantheon designs customized private market programs to meet individual client needs. Customized solutions can vary hugely from client to client and Pantheon offers the flexibility to combine and specify multiple strategy options.

We understand that every client has differing requirements. We work from the ground up to properly understand and then define an investment strategy and portfolio based on the targeted risk/return profile. Post-investment, we proactively manage the portfolio and provide customized reporting.

We like to share our insights about our investment markets and practices with our clients through regular research updates, workshops often provided in our clients’ local markets, webinars, videos and on-site meetings. We can also arrange knowledge-transfer programs covering topics from the fundamentals of private equity investment to more granular topics such as due diligence, risk management or valuation processes.

Client Services

Pantheon is a trusted partner to over 380 institutional investors across the globe. The Client Service team comprises 29 professionals who work alongside our clients to meet their objectives and expectations.

Transparency and customization are key. We hold regular one-on-one meetings to share portfolio and market updates, and provide easy access to documents such as investor reports, briefing notes, PPMs, fund updates, as well as to Pantheon’s comprehensive library of technical and market research papers via a secure online client site.

Our clients’ investment strategies can be fully customized to meet their individual requirements. We understand the importance of tailoring every element of the client experience from training through to reporting. Establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients is core to the Pantheon ethos.

Risk Management

Pantheon’s investment process integrates risk management through strong manager selection and a strict diversification strategy. We seek to mitigate investment risk by utilizing the specialist manager research expertise of our investment professionals, maintained in a proprietary database, and leveraging the deep relationships we have built-up over 30 years of investing in private market funds.



Pantheon’s risk management team, in partnership with the investment team, conducts a risk management assessment of the GPThis analysis informs our investment specialists of particular areas of risk from an operational perspective.



Pantheon monitors risk limits to check exposures against a range of factors: geographic exposure, country risk, stage risk, vintage year risk, sector risk, operating risk, credit risk, and environmental, social and governance risk. We provide investors with comprehensive Risk Reports on their portfolios, showing actual exposures relative to the set risk limits.

Operational Support

Pantheon’s clients are supported by a suite of services provided by a team of around 50 professionals working across our operations, risk and finance functions.

There are multiple complex processes involved in managing a private equity program and Pantheon’s skilled support team ensures that our clients are served on a timely basis with comprehensive portfolio management services including transaction processing, reporting, performance and analytics, tax support, calls and distribution notifications.

Information Systems

Pantheon currently maintains 12 individual systems tools, the majority of which have been custom-designed to service our clients and their portfolios.

These include portfolio construction and modelling tools to manage transactional, reporting and manager tracking processes. These tools play an important role in supporting our comprehensive and effective assessment of managers, performance analysis and peer group benchmarking.

Our proprietary manager database includes information on over 8,000 screened managers and our portfolio management system includes performance and accounting metrics on over 12,000 underlying companies across Pantheon portfolios.

All Pantheon staff figures are as of October 1, 2016

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