Diversity and Inclusion


We focus on diversity and inclusion because we want our people to thrive, so collectively we can all grow and prosper and in turn help our communities to do the same.

Our inclusion ethos is founded on the premise that harnessing our differences will create a productive environment in which everybody feels valued, where our talents are being fully utilized and in which our organizational goals are met. To achieve this, we believe everyone at Pantheon has a part to play:

Our Leadership

Sets the culture and policies which promote Pantheon as a diverse and inclusive place to work.

Our Managers

Have a responsibility for monitoring equality and diversity within their business area and taking positive action to promote equality and eliminate discrimination.

Making objective decisions

Being aware of unconscious bias

Our Staff

Have a responsibility for actively promoting equality of opportunity and diversity.

Respecting others

Taking time to understand different perspectives

Click on the preview image to read our second annual Gender Pay Gap Report, which is required under UK law and gives a snapshot of how pay for male and female colleagues in 2022 compared across our UK workforce. We’re pleased to see that our Gender Pay Gap decreased last year, signifying a step in the right direction. Nevertheless, we recognize there is more work to do, and we continue to build on our efforts to drive change within our business, and across the industry, with the aim of achieving full gender balance.

Signatory to HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter

We are committed advocates of diversity in the workforce. We recognize that our best results are achieved when deep industry experience is met with diverse insights. That’s why over 40% of Pantheon’s departments globally are led by women. Pantheon seeks to increase the participation of women in the private equity industry through visible engagement on the issues of diversity across our global regions with local trade associations, our clients and investment managers, supported by championship of diversity awareness.

Charter Commitments

As a Signatory to the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter, Pantheon has formally committed to four actions:

Our Target

Gender Diversity in Pantheon’s Senior Management

Pantheon’s target is to ensure that the proportion of women who are engaged in the day-to-day management and operation of our firm (identified as Global Heads of Departments and/or a member of Pantheon’s Partnership Board) is at least 33%.

Percentage of women who are Global Heads of Departments and/or a member of Pantheon’s Partnership Board. Data reported as at March 2023.

The firm’s progress in relation to the target will be published annually.

Pantheon’s Managing Partner, Paul Ward, is the designated member of the senior team responsible and accountable for gender diversity and inclusion.

Our Global Partnerships

Pantheon proudly supports a number of organizations, featured on the following two pages, focused on causes ranging from equitable access to education and opportunity, to encouraging women to pursue fulfilling careers in private equity. We are particularly focused on partnerships that support gender equity and under-represented groups like the LGBTQ+ community and people with a non-white ethnic background, to support the talent pipeline across asset management as well as at Pantheon. Our partnerships offer engagement opportunities for all employees through a set of organizations that reflect Pantheon’s holistic values and approach to I&D.

10,000 Black Interns works to transform the horizons and prospects of young Black people in the UK by offering paid work experience across a wide range of industries, as well as world-class training and development. They seek to offer 2,000 internships each year for five consecutive years. They have partnerships with firms from over 20 different sectors, delivering internships across a range of internal business functions.

Pantheon has supported Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) in a variety of ways over the past nine years, including participating in ‘SEO Career’, the U.S.’s premier summer internship and training program, which helps under-represented groups access and develop career opportunities to transform D&I outcomes, and sponsoring its annual SEO Alternative Investments Conference. In 2018, Kara Zanger, Partner, was appointed to SEO’s Limited Partners Advisory Council.

Jopwell is a career advancement platform for Black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals to help unlock professional opportunities. Jopwell also assists companies with their diverse recruitment and marketing efforts. Jopwell empowers the community to learn, connect, and apply for professional opportunities, while enabling companies to connect with and recruit top talent from the most historically underrepresented ethnic minority groups.

Pantheon is a proud sponsor of Level 20, a not-for-profit organization co-founded by Pantheon Partner, Helen Steers, and established to inspire women to join and succeed in the private equity industry. We encourage all colleagues, irrespective of gender, to contribute to Level 20-led research, discussion groups and outreach events, and participate in the annual mentoring programme.

Women in Alternative Investments, along with the WAI Network, is an initiative aimed at promoting, encouraging and empowering women within the private equity fund industry in Colombia. Pantheon is a co-founder of this network, established in February 2021, alongside ColCapital and MAS Equity Partners. The network brings together more than 140 women in different positions and companies in the sector, and measures the representativeness of women by profiles of industry players, years of experience and their position within the companies in the sector.

GAIN is a community of investors, with charitable status, set to change the staggering lack of gender diversity in investment management from the ground up. Their purpose is to inspire young women to get into the industry through information and talks, career support and access to opportunities.

In 2021, Pantheon became a Member of Out Investors (‘OI’), a global organization founded with the mission to make the direct investing industry more welcoming for LGBT+ individuals. OI runs events and programs involving LGBT+ investment professionals and investment adjacent roles such as portfolio value creation, fund management and investor relations. The OI network operates through local chapters in major financial city centers and is formed in partnership with investment organizations. Current chapters include New York, London and San Francisco. The role of these chapters is to foster community, hold networking events and facilitate mentorship in the industry.

In March 2022, Pantheon became a signatory of the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) Diversity in Action initiative, which brings together institutional investors and fund managers who share a commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the private equity industry. The goal is to motivate market participants to engage in the journey towards becoming more inclusive and to build momentum around the adoption of specific actions that advance DEI over time, both within their organization and the industry more broadly.

The Diversity Project is a cross-company initiative whose mission is to accelerate progress towards a more inclusive culture within the Savings and Investment profession. Pantheon became a partner of The Diversity Project in 2021.

Best Buddies International is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical, and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We are partnered with Best Buddies in San Francisco, helping with donation and fundraising drives as well as events. In 2022, we also partnered with the New York arm of Best Buddies.

In 2020, Pantheon signed the Mindful Business Charter, underpinning our commitment to adapting and supporting a culture that has has a positive impact on our employees’ wellbeing. We know that when people are stressed, they work less effectively and risk damaging their health. MBC presents a set of best practice behavioral principles to tackle and reduce avoidable stress in the workplace. The key elements of the Charter include openness and respect, smart meetings and emailing, respecting rest periods, and mindful delegation.


Our Diversity & Inclusion Overview