Corporate Responsibility, ESG and Employee Engagement

As responsible investors we take a proactive approach to social responsibility, governance, sustainability, employee engagement, workforce diversity and, of course, to how we conduct ourselves as a firm and as individuals.

Pantheon invests responsibly today for a sustainable tomorrow. We care about how
and where we allocate capital and believe Environmental, Social and Governance issues shouldn’t be an after-thought. Please click here for further details on Pantheon’s approach to ESG.

As a prominent and sizeable investor in private markets we are well positioned to make a difference and follow this through with active engagement across the GP community and industry trade associations.

We have a long history of engagement with the UNPRI having signed up in 2007. We scored an ‘A+’ rating for Strategy & Governance, Private Equity, and Infrastructure in the most recent annual assessment by the UNPRI. Our commitment to developing a thoughtful approach to ESG remains at the forefront of our investment approach.


UK Stewardship Code
Although Pantheon is not a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code which is principally focussed on public equity investments, the principles contained within the UK Stewardship Code are akin to Pantheon’s ongoing active engagement with the managers in which we invest. Effective post-investment care and the maintenance of close relationships are important to maximize the value of Pantheon’s fund investments, protect client interests and to evaluate the investment activity within each fund.

Shareholder Rights Directive
SRD II seeks to promote shareholder engagement and is part of a series of EU wide measures intended to improve stewardship and corporate governance. The Directive aims to encourage effective stewardship, in part, by improving transparency about how stewardship is exercised across the institutional investment community. Underpinning it is an assumption that greater transparency will make effective stewardship a differentiating factor across firms and that this will encourage higher standards. Among other things, the Directive imposes requirements on asset owners and asset managers to develop and publicly disclose (on a comply or explain basis) an engagement policy. It also requires them to disclose annually how this policy has been implemented.

Pantheon has not adopted an engagement policy (pursuant to Article 3g of SRDII) on the basis that it considers SRD II is largely inapplicable to Pantheon’s investment strategies which are focussed on investment in private, illiquid assets. Pantheon does have policies regarding proxy voting as well as corporate responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and considers that the principles behind this approach are aligned with those of SRD II. This includes the, monitoring of portfolio investments, exercising of voting rights attached to portfolio investments and engagement with managers of portfolio investments.