Pantheon’s commitment to innovation extends beyond investment strategies to its leadership in making private markets more accessible to a wider range of investors. In particular, we have helped private wealth investors globally to navigate these dynamic asset classes and overcome barriers including high minimum investments and limited liquidity. We partner with wealth managers in markets around the world to offer a wide range of investment solutions to their clients, bringing the power of private markets and our unique expertise to help more people build secure financial futures.


Private market asset classes can offer enhanced, uncorrelated returns, thereby increasing diversification and potentially reducing volatility by providing access to untapped opportunities among the wide and growing universe of unlisted companies and assets.

Since launching our first listed private markets fund in 1987, we have been at the forefront of opening access to private markets, enabling more investors to benefit from our specialist investment expertise in private equity, real assets and private credit. We offer a range of evergreen solutions with a combined $7.8bn in assets under management, as well as innovative options to invest in traditional private market fund structures.

Click on the link below to read our paper on the key considerations and allocation options for investors who are new to private markets, with a specific focus on private equity:

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Our Private Wealth Fund Solutions


The AMG Pantheon Fund (P-PEXX) provides accredited investors across the US unique exposure to a diversified private equity portfolio sourced through Pantheon’s global private equity platform. The fund offers diversification by manager, stage, geography, vintage year and industry, all through a single allocation.

Investors benefit from the expertise, deal sourcing and execution capabilities of Pantheon’s global investment team across co-investment, secondary and primary opportunities, through an evergreen allocation tool that offers immediate exposure and quarterly liquidity.


Pantheon International Plc (PIP) is a FTSE 250 investment trust that provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of private equity assets, managed by high-quality fund managers across the world and sourced through Pantheon’s global private equity platform.

An investment in PIP gives shareholders access to the growing global private equity market, effectively giving retail investors easy access to many of the best private equity professionals and hand-picked, fast-growing private companies worldwide.


Pantheon Infrastructure Plc (PINT) offers exposure to a global, diversified portfolio of infrastructure assets, through a curated portfolio of co-investments sourced through Pantheon’s global infrastructure platform.

Target assets have strong defensive characteristics, typically benefitting from contracted cash flows, inflation protection and conservative leverage profiles. PINT is classified as Article 8 under the European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and also seeks assets with robust environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials.


The Pantheon Global Private Equity Fund (PGPE) aims to provide professional investors around the world with unique exposure to a diversified private equity portfolio sourced by Pantheon’s global investment team.

PGPE focuses on secondaries and co-investments, offering diversification by manager, stage, geography, vintage year and industry, all through a single allocation.


Michael Hutten

Partner, New York

Victor Mayer

Managing Director, London

Nicole Parker

Managing Director, New York

Austin Kahler

Principal, New York

Shaha Miah

Principal, London

Assets under management figures as of December 31, 2023 and reflects assets held across AMG Pantheon Fund LLC, Pantheon International Plc and Pantheon Infrastructure Plc. The Advisor of the AMG Pantheon Fund intends to recommend quarterly repurchases of Units representing up to 5% of the Fund’s NAV, although such recommendations may exceed 5% of the Fund’s NAV, subject to Board approval.