• 03rd

    RiskMinds Invest 2018

    “Striking a successful risk-return investment strategy against a backdrop of global structural changes: How do we take active risk and build portfolios which can stand the test of time, without losing investors unreasonable amounts of money?” a Panel Discussion with Tessa Venter at 9:30am

    Amsterdam, Netherlands Go to conference website

    Tessa Venter

    Head of Portfolio Construction Meet our Speaker
  • 03rd

    RiskMinds Invest 2018

    “Key regulatory priorities and cost-effective compliance for the buy-side: What are the main regulatory pressure points and how are firms dealing with capital requirement challenges?” a Panel Discussion with Ross Agim at 4:45pm

    Amsterdam, Netherlands Go to conference website

    Ross Agim

    Compliance Associate Meet our Speaker
  • 05th

    SuperReturn Japan 2018

    “The Global Secondaries Market: assessing opportunities across the spectrum”. Jie Gong will join a panel discussion at 16.50.

    Yokyo, Japan Go to conference website

    Jie Gong

    Partner Meet our Speaker
  • 06th

    SuperReturn Japan

    “The search for yield: how do Japanese LPs construct their portfolios?”, a panel discussion moderated by Akitoshi Yamada at 9.25am

    Tokyo, Japan Go to conference website

    Akitoshi Yamada

    Managing Director and Head of Japan Meet our Speaker