• 10th

    BVCA Summit

    “How will LP-GP dynamics evolve?” Alex Scott will join a panel discussion at 12pm.

    London, United Kingdom Go to conference website

    Alex Scott

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  • 24th

    Swiss M&A and Private Equity Forum

    “GP and LP Interview: Swiss private equity in focus”, a panel discussion with Ralph Guenther at 11:30am.

    Zurich, Switzerland Go to conference website

    Ralph Guenther*

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  • 24th

    Asia Investment Conference

    “The Quest for Returns: Private Equity in China. Amidst global volatility, trade tensions and talks of dampening growth, is China still an attractive strategy for investors?”, a panel discussion with Jie Gong at 9:20am.

    China, Shanghai Go to conference website

    Jie Gong

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  • 28th

    Pension Bridge Alternatives Conference

    Kathryn will be joining the Infrastructure panel discussing the state of the Infrastructure market at 3:50pm.

    Beverly Hills, USA Go to conference website

    Kathryn Leaf Wilmes

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